The Value of Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

If you have plans in purchasing a property, it is of great importance to put in the money for a pre-purchase building inspection as part of the process, whether it is for residential or commercial purposes. Take note that you can always request for a property inspection whether you are the buyer or the seller of the property. Continue reading this to appreciate the value of inspection right before signing the dotted line.

Acknowledging any existing structural issues in the interior, exterior, foundation, shell and outbuildings of the property is the primary purpose of getting an inspection. This way, you can ensure that the building conforms to all the national and local codes. Also, inspecting a new construction helps to see if the building follows the initial design plan and to see if the builder’s craft is of a high standard.

You will precisely know if the building is in good condition or not after completing Detail Building Inspections. Not only that, but you will be given a bargaining power when placing an offer for the property. As buildings age, they naturally develop problems, but an untrained eye can’t see all issues and defects. It is why it is crucial to hire a professional inspector as they have extensive knowledge in all aspects of the construction industry. Investing in a building inspection earns you the prospect of saving money, plus it will educate you about the areas that inspectors will look for, we provide some of it below.

  1. Interior and Exterior Cracking

The foundation, exterior, and interior walls of the building are significantly prone to cracks. In fact, it can happen anywhere in the building. Poor artistry, the use of low-quality materials is the leading cause of cracks.

Although minor cracks can be given easy repairs, once it becomes substantial, no doubt, your walls, ceilings, roofs and even floor may collapse as it indicates extreme structural damage within the home. Our experienced inspectors, fortunately, can quickly Identify visible cracks and signs that may indicate structural issues. This action will no doubt save you from facing costly repairs down the track.

  1. Water Leaks

A clear indication of water damage in the property is the present water stains both on the ceiling and walls which are caused by poorly joined pipes and fittings as well as leaking taps. The building shell or roof will significantly weaken, the floors will get damaged, and the furnishings will be ruined, leading to mould growth if water damage is ignored. Thus, to identify if there are present leaks or water damage on the building, hire our inspectors immediately who have specialised tools to make the job possible.

  1. Wiring Issues

Aside from being inconvenient because it might be able to support the power required by today’s appliances, out-dated wirings can also cause a fire hazard. Dust, salt, water and hot conditions are environmental aspects that can contribute to the reduction of the wirings lifespan. Keep in mind that rewiring a home can cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, with the help of Detail Building Inspections pros, they can advise you about the home’s electrical system condition. Once you decide to have the building inspected, you will save thousands of dollars in the long run.

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