What Is Silk Laundry?


The Silk Laundry was launched in Australia in 2015 by fashion designer Katie Kolodski. According to her: “It’s a fun, contemporary brand that combines high-street elegance with earthy simplicity for an affordable range of clothes.” She says that the brand is all about being “inspiring, flattering and accessible”. This is a pretty fair description of a brand that sells various women’s clothing, accessories and swimwear from jeans to silk blouses. A look at their website shows a very hip and trendy line backed up with a great range of plus sizes.

The creative director, Alex Scott, says that creating a brand with such an eclectic mix of personal styles is difficult. Still, these days, people are more social and less comfortable in public settings, so they prefer to be more creative. In addition, they want to be surrounded by things that make them feel good and this is what they get from Silk Laundry. “We try to make a brand that is as personal and quirky as we are ourselves, but we do not shy away from creating an aesthetic that is also very mainstream and edgy,” says Mr Scott. This means that whilst Silk Laundry is very aware of where their clothes come from. They also take the time to ensure that it is represented stylish and modern; click to find out.

There is no doubt that many people are passionate about the products and services that they provide. This is reflected in the loyalty and fan base that they have. The brand is popular with people of all ages and backgrounds. Even the most ardent fashionistas would have a hard time looking past the clothes they sell. The unique selling proposition that the company has also been pretty impressive. This is large because they have set themselves apart from other clothing designers in Canada and the US, which has helped them attract many dedicated customers.

The brand was started in Canada. There are many dedicated fashion boutiques, so it was only natural that their designs would appeal to a female audience. For young women who are still in their teens and looking for something edgy, new, and stylish silk laundry is the way forward. It does not matter whether you are in your twenties, thirties, or fifties. You will always be able to find a style that is made just for you. Even the more youthful women looking to step out into the limelight will feel more confident when wearing silk.

The business head office for silk laundry is based out of Austria, close to Los Angeles. Keeping the production of their line in Montreal can maintain the high standards of quality that have made them such a success. The team of designers that work at this company are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality pieces. They truly understand the needs of every customer. They are constantly trying to find new ways to improve upon their design process.

When you are in the silk market, you want to make sure that you take all of the information that you have learned about this brand into consideration. If you have always wanted to own silk but never really thought about it, now might be the time to do so. Silk laundries products are made with a great deal of care and pride to ensure that you are getting the best of the highest quality available. There is no reason you should have to settle for less when silk laundry is available, so make sure that you take advantage of what is available today; click to find out.