Things to Know about the Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment (OTDA) Course

The occupational therapy driving assessment Adelaide (OTDA) provides a source of rehabilitation service for people with a medical condition or disability, which may affect their ability to drive. OTDA is different from a driver’s licensing test. Instead of focusing on the driver’s ability to drive a vehicle, it will look to a person’s medical condition or disability and how it affects the way they drive.

This assessment is conducted by a Licensed occupational therapist who is also a registered driving instructor. It ensures people are safe and can drive whenever possible. They will conduct assessments across the Adelaide Metropolitan area, as well as its surrounding areas.

What Happens During an Assessment?

A typical occupational therapy driving assessment Adelaide session usually lasts for two to three hours. It includes an interview about your driving and medical history, assessment of physical, sensory, and cognitive skills for driving. The process will then be followed by a practical driving assessment that features a set of road conditions.

You will be using a dual-controlled, manual or automatic vehicle provided by the training centre. You will either be accompanied by a driving instructor who has training in occupational therapy, or both a driving instructor and an occupational therapist.

Are You Suitable For An Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment Adelaide Course?

This assessment is conducted for the following:

  • Fitness of driver – drivers with age or medical-related changes.
  • Novice drivers – for determining the readiness of an aspiring driver.
  • Experienced drivers – can also be used for experienced drivers with disabilities or acquired medical conditions to determine the overall impact on his or her driving performance and the possible need for modified driving controls.
  • Work-related drivers – drivers who drive for a living; to determine the chronic pain or impact of injury including ergonomic evaluation.
  • Commercial vehicle drivers – to determine the medical capacity to drive heavy vehicles or heavy workplace equipment.

Do you have the full capacity to drive your vehicle? What will happen after the assessment, or what will you have to do it, you no longer hold a valid driver’s license? You can determine all of that and more when you visit our website and check out our fact sheets attached on our home page. See if you can find your question there. Or you can also send us an email, and we’ll respond to you from there as well.