Different Kinds of Farm Games Adelaide

Farm gates weren’t considered as much of a big deal in the early days. But that’s not the case today. With the presence of technology and thrive for innovation, we now have access to modern farm gates that feature metals instead of wood. If you’re planning to make the transition to modern-style NORMETALS farm gates Adelaide, you’ll need to know which material to use. In this article, we’re going to show you just that. We’re going to present the different kinds of farm gates made from the most common types of materials used for making gates.


Aluminium Farm Gate

This type of metal is a popular choice because of its durability and lightweight. It also happens to be the least expensive option, which only adds to its already appealing features. Aluminium is also resistant to rust and corrosion then native steel. However, due to its lightweight, it’s not particularly sturdy than Steel. Nonetheless, this material is excellent as a farm gate. However, we don’t advise using aluminium for your main gate.



Steel is known as the most hardened material that you can get. It’s excellent for NORMETALS farm gates Adelaide and can be used as a material for your main gate. It’s also ideal for storing livestock as the animals will find it hard to damage this gate due to its strength. Modern-day steel gates are coated with a special powder to make it 100 per cent rust-resistant. It also comes galvanised in zinc coated for added protection against wear and tear, as well as withstanding the harsh outdoor conditions. With the right maintenance, steel gates can last for decades.


Both Steel and aluminium are the materials used for making different types of gates around the farm. Here are some of these gates that you can make from aluminium or Steel:


Livestock Gates

Steel is the ideal material for livestock gates as you will need optimum durability and strength to hold off your cows and horses. This type of gate consists of five to seven horizontal metal bars joined together by three to five vertical bars. This design will prevent any severe damage to your gate from your livestock animals.


Cattle Gate

While they may not be considered as gates in the traditional sense, they will still serve as such since act as the boundary line that cows should not cross. Also called cattle guards, you can either use aluminium or steel for this type of gate.



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