How An Evaporative Cooler Pump Works

An evaporative cooler pump is a cooling system that relies on the evaporation of a liquid and its immediate replacement by a vapour. There are four types of evaporative coolers available: dynamic, condensing, ultrasonic and geothermal. A dynamic cooler is a small machine room-sized with an open cavity at the bottom and a couple of ventilators. The vapour is extracted from a second chamber, where it is mixed with air. The heat that is generated in this unit is used to cool the incoming air.


A condensing evaporative cooler is a similar device, but the gas in this unit is gaseous and not liquid. It requires a second chamber that contains a liquid to be cooled and an evaporator. In some cases, heat-absorbing crystals reduce the pressure and create a better absorption of heat from the incoming air.


An ultrasonic, evaporative cooler is very similar to the air-cooling systems that we use in our homes. It uses the evaporation cycle principle, which works on the principle that hot air rises and cold air descends. Here, too, the air must be cooled before it can become saturated with water vapour. Since this is a mechanical process, it is called an evaporative cooler.


A final type of evaporative cooler pump is geothermal, which uses natural heat derived from the environment. This type is ideal for use in places with a high concentration of air. Because the air cannot be cooled directly, it passes through a condenser, where it is heated before entering the evaporative cooler. It is commonly installed in basements where air conditioning is not feasible.


As mentioned earlier, these pumps work on the principle of evaporation – they draw in air and then suck it into a container until all the water has been sucked out. Once this has been accomplished, the evaporative cooler starts to cool the air. The pump is designed to work in a reciprocating motion to draw the air into the casing again. The working of this kind of pump is such that it requires little maintenance. It is not recommended for use in areas where the air is normally humid as it could cause damage to wooden structures.


All three types of evaporative cooler pump are highly efficient when it comes to cooling. They work by drawing in air from the surrounding atmosphere, using a fan or sucking air from inside the structure. This process takes very small amounts of energy, and the best models consume about 0.1% of the electricity that an average home uses in a year. For this reason, evaporative cooling towers are popular with green-minded people who want to reduce their dependence on electricity. They are also highly effective when it comes to cooling large rooms or cooling a very large area.