5 Mind-Boggling Electrician Facts

Electricians are some of the most skilled workers on the planet. They offer various repair and maintenance services that both residential and commercial settings can rely on. They are smart, hard-working people who deserve a big round of applause!


While an electrician – mastinelectrical.com.au mainly offers installation, repairs, and maintenance services, there some mind-blowing facts about this particular skilled worker that everyone should know.



Master of Tools


Of course, every worker uses tools. Even writers use computers to get their tasks done. However, you will be surprised to know that a trusted electrician – mastinelectrical.com.au can utilize around a thousand tools? Most of the equipment electricians use are miniature, but each of them has specific names. The tool list of professional electricians can be endless. How cool is that?


Master of Colours


You heard it right. Before becoming full-fledged electrical masters, electricians need to undergo colour tests to make sure they can work with wiring properly. It may come as a surprise, but in many cases, wires come in unique colours that probably only experts can decipher.


Master of Problems and Solutions


While these workers are experts in what they do, they are also known for resolving problems that regular people don’t understand. Most often than not, they learn how to fix complicated wiring problems from experience and not through their highly-demanding education. You heard it right again. There are multiple levels of electrical study, but basically, the period of studying and being on the field is close to how long doctors go through before they get a license.


Master of Fame


Wait. What? It may not make sense but famed British actor Rowan Atkinson, who is known for his legendary portrayal of Mr Bean, is a Master of Electrical Engineering. He obtained his Master’s degree from Queens College, Oxford. If that didn’t blow your mind, I don’t know what else will.


Master of Sacrifice


Your electrician may be very friendly and outgoing. He will ask you to stay away while he fixes the wiring problem in your home because he doesn’t want to get you involved in case there’s a more significant issue that could pose threats to your safety. He will spend hours on the task and run multiple tests before leaving to ensure that everything has been restored and repaired.


You may not notice at times, but your electrical services provider has a dangerous job that he still fulfils with a willing heart. He has a family to go home to, but he risks his safety to save yours when there’s a problem with your home’s electric system. The next time he comes around for a maintenance check, let him know how thankful you are of his service that goes beyond the pay.