How Many Driving Lessons Perth Are Required By Australian Law?

Are you planning to take driving lessons? If so, how many hours are you planning to include in your driving course package? You might have thought about that just now, but not knowing the number of hours needed is one reason why people tend to “change their mind” and not take driving lessons Perth completely. 


Keep in mind that before you become eligible to take your driving test, you need to complete a number of driving lessons and driving hours to get enough practical driving experience. In fact, recent studies found out that learner drivers with more supervised driving experience have a lower accident rate compared to others with lower or no prior supervision at all.

Once you’ve enrolled in a driving course, you’ll be given a learner driver logbook. This small book will be necessary for logging your hours of supervised driving. It will also serve a proof that you have rendered the required amount of hours before taking your drivers exam. 

How Many Hours of Driving Lessons Are Needed?

As of the current state of the Australian roads and regulations, every new driver must log at least 120 hours of supervised driving over a one-year (12 months) span. This period also covers night driving of at least 20 hours. Once you complete the required 120 hours, you are then allowed to take the drivers test.


While it may seem like a lot of hours that you need to accomplish, there are, of course, exceptions. For instance, if you are 25 years old or older, you are exempted from rendering the 120-hour requirement. 

Here are other situations that will exempt you from adhering to the specified number of hours of supervised driving lessons:

  • If you have a WA or interstate license.
  • If you’ve previously held an overseas license
  • If the Roads and Maritime Services specifically exempt you for whatever reason.

Practice Drives Planner

To help you plan your on-road driving sessions, you can use a practice drivers planner that your driving school provides. You can also download these resources online and print them out. That way, you will have a reminder of your practice driving sessions’ specific dates and times.

A practice drivers planning will also make sure that you will experience practice driving on various roads in different traffic situations and weather conditions. Make sure you also plan to be a night driver once you become comfortable with daytime driving. Don’t forget to render at least 20 hours of night driving to complete your driving lessons Perth.

Professional Driving Lessons

Note that an hour’s worth of driving lessons with a certified instructor will be worth three hours. That means for every one hour of driving lessons that you complete with a licensed driving instructor, you can record 3 hours in your driver’s logbook. However, That means if you take driving lessons worth 10 hours, you can record that as 30 hours of supervised driving.