Artificial Grass Is Real Grass With A Difference

Artificial grass is a completely synthetic surface of synthetic fibres designed to appear like authentic natural grass. It’s most frequently used on sports fields typically or originally played on natural grass or presently being converted into residential or commercial areas. But it’s now also being utilised in many residential and even commercial areas. Not surprisingly, due to its high demand, prices for artificial grass have grown significantly over the last few years — making it an irresistible option for many homeowners and business owners.

The installation of artificial grass Brisbane on your home or business can be incredibly beneficial. By providing a safe and healthy surface for play on, artificial grass will dramatically reduce injuries relating to sports such as football, rugby and baseball. It can also lessen the frequency and severity of damage and the incidence of strains, sprains and ligament tears suffered by children. Artificial grass is also particularly beneficial to businesses since it greatly reduces costly maintenance and cleaning costs, which can be extremely high for natural or pre-mature grass installed properties. Many businesses also find that artificial turf significantly decreases employee compensation costs, making it an economically sound business decision.

However, artificial grass Brisbane may not be the ideal solution for every household or business premises, particularly where allergies may pose a problem. Unfortunately, there are no genuine eco-friendly options to substitute natural grass, and synthetic turf can result in airborne pollution — which can be a health risk if inhaled. Synthetic turf materials are made from many different chemicals, including toxic elements like sodium humate and lignite. These chemicals can persistently irritate the skin, eye and mucous membranes, causing irritation and even burning. In addition to this, synthetic grass blades do not offer the same degree of natural beauty and “character” that natural grass blades offer. Unfortunately, synthetic turf is not without its disadvantages.

If you wish to enjoy all the benefits of natural grass but cannot due to financial or environmental reasons, there are other alternatives. Fortunately, artificial grass is no longer just the ‘junk science’ that it used to be. There is now a wide range of good quality artificial grass products on the market, which are created using only the highest quality materials and provide a true alternative to natural grass. Moreover, modern synthetic grasses are far more durable than their natural counterparts, withstand the effects of high traffic, dry weather and adverse weather conditions. Additionally, they will not wear down so quickly, requiring far less maintenance over the long term. It’s no wonder that real grass has begun to take on significant popularity — it is both cost-effective and practical for most people.

Synthetic turf’s main advantage over natural grass is its flexibility. This means that artificial turf — whether used indoors or out — can be installed at a larger scale than would be possible with natural turf. Additionally, because of its strength, synthetic grass can be used in a larger variety of locations, such as sports pitches, golf courses and even in public areas. Furthermore, the range of different available colours means that artificial turf can enhance a wide variety of different landscapes.

Realistically, although a synthetic product might initially seem more expensive than natural grass products, once the initial purchase is made, you will discover that the savings do become evident. In addition to ongoing annual maintenance costs that would otherwise be required to keep your lawn looking as good as new, the purchase of artificial grass Brisbane also provides a great way to save money on your heating bill. The polyurethane backing used in most artificial grass products helps to reduce heat loss, meaning that the temperature inside your house will be much cooler than it usually is when using natural products. Also, polyurethane backing is made from renewable sources, meaning that it does not come at a depleting of the world’s supplies.