How Do You Figure Out That You Need a New Roof?

Majority of Australian homeowners do not care much about the roof compared to other components of the property. You cannot deny it – you most likely will spend money on renovating your kitchen or remodelling your bathroom instead of replacing your roof. The reason is that you spend a lot of time in those areas, while you don’t even dare to go up to your roof to inspect it for issues and problems.

Re-roofing specialists AdelaideBut like all other parts of the house, the roof will eventually give in to deterioration and damage, prompting you to either fix or have it replaced. While roof repair is affordable, it is not always the right solution. Some signs will compel you to hire Re-roofing specialists Adelaide, and the truth is you don’t have much of a choice once your roof cries replacement.

1 – The first sign that your roof is already due for replacement is its age. Even if you installed premium quality and the most expensive material, any roof won’t last forever. Majority of roofing systems will last at least 20 years, but once they reach 25, the aging process speeds up and you will experience problems which are no longer considered fixable, including inadequate ventilation, leaks, UV penetration, and others. In other words, if your roof is running 30 years, you may need to consider a re-roofing project sooner than later.

2 – The next sign that you’re about to face a roof replacement job is when the granules were coming from the shingles on your roof start appearing in the gutter. Keep in mind that the granules play a critical role in protecting the roofing system and house in general. They not only add colour and style, but they reflect UV rays from the sun and provide resistance against fire. Prolonged exposure to extreme weather like strong winds and hailstorms will result in granule loss. An excessive loss will eventually correspond to a complete failure of the roof.

3 – When the shingles start to buckle or curl, it is another sign that you may have to contact Re-roofing specialists Adelaide to evaluate the need for a replacement. There is a chance to save the roof if there only are a couple of buckled or curled shingles. However, if the number goes up as high as ten affected shingles, then it is indicative of the need to replace the roof. The reason for a buckling or curling shingle is usually the presence of excessive moisture. It also could be because of the age of the roof or lack of ventilation.

4 – If the roof lines start sagging, it means that there is something seriously wrong with the structure. If you ignore those sagging rooflines, you could end up with a collapsed roof that puts everyone in danger below. The only solution for sagging rooflines is a replacement.