4 Different Ways You Can Use Pergolas

A pergola is an instant attraction to any backyard. It’s a versatile structure that can serve different purposes. Its versatility is unmatched by any other outdoor features. That’s the reason why many Aussie homeowners choose to pick it up over more iconic outdoor structures such as the patio or verandah. If you have a pergola right now and you don’t know what to do with it, we’ve got you covered. Listed below are four different ways you can use pergolas Melbourne.

A Flowery Haven

Pergolas MelbournePergolas Melbourne was initially made for hanging and displaying plants and flowers. While it has shifted in purpose and use over the years, you can still hang some lovely flowers and add some climbing plants to make it even more attractive. You can also hang potted plants around the perimeter of your pergola to bring a splash of colour and make your entire backyard a lot more appealing.

Add a Swing

Have you ever tried sitting on a swing, reading a good book or listen to some good music all while surrounded by beautiful and well-scented flowers? Well, now you can! By adding some vibrantly healthy and blooming flowers all over the perimeter of your pergola, as well as a swing in the middle, you can complete the ultimate flowery haven look. Everybody would love spending their time on your little nook of flowery paradise.

Turn to the Corner?

Would you love to add a large covered patio on to your outside but don’t have the budget to make it a reality? You can have the same effect by installing a pergola in one corner of your deck. Just like what a patio can do, pergola Melbourne can also provide shade and privacy. You can add a pergola at the far end of your deck and have it serve as an outdoor bar or lounging area. It will be the perfect setting for guests and family bonding.


Far of Fun!

Unless it’s a verandah, there’s no such rule that says pergolas Melbourne must be adjacent to the house. You can place it wherever you feel convenient for you. So, feel free to station your pergola in a secluded spot in your backyard – several paces from your home. You can install it under a large tree for some added shade. You can turn it into an outdoor lounging area that has a considerable distance from your main home. It’s also a perfect camping site for your kids who want to try and sleep outside.